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Giving Back


I learned everything I know about cheerleading from these folks.

Good ole, Christian Cheerleaders of America … better known as CCA to its friends (which you are).

1930210_509750359853_7537_n(That’s me in the middle.)

It’s a non-profit organization that provides awesome, individualized instruction at camps throughout the summer and fun competitions (where you make friends and not just competitors) during the year.

But it’s more than that.

CCA showed me I could be a cheerleader and still be about something bigger than myself. I could even use my skills in cheerleading to bring glory to God and share my faith (and have lots of fun while I was at it).


 (A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. –Willy Wonka)

So I did … for two summers and few events here and there.

Now I’ve been a camper, a coach, and a staffer with CCA … but I’m adding one more to the list: donor.


(Bonus points if you can pick me out!)

10% of everything I make at the end of the year will go to CCA.

Because they helped shape me, and I want to make sure that impact continues to happen for years to come.

That happens because of YOU.

You are now part of the CCA family because 10% of what you gave me (for whatever course or product) will be given to them in an effort to give back and pay it forward for all the future cheerleaders and cheer coaches like us.

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