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cheerleading stunts 5 body points for flyers

Once upon a time, I had a ballet teacher. She was brutal, but I learned so much from her that I still use today, especially in cheerleading and cheerleading stunts. My “5 Body Points” is one of them. So I hope she doesn’t mind that I stole them for myself.

Your flyer will be able to improve her skills if she stops balancing and focuses on these 5 things.

Chin Up

A flyer should always keep her eyeline directly in front of her. I always say, “Where you look is where you’ll go.” So if she looks down, she’ll head that way. So keeping her chin up and her head in a neutral position during her cheerleading stunt can help her stay in the air.

Shoulders Down

Yes, flyers should be lifting up, but lifting your shoulders into a shrugged position in a cheerleading stunt can have some negative effects. First, it doesn’t look great. It makes it look more like work, and effortless is the way we like it. Second, shoulders up near the ears can often lead to leaning forward which leads to too much weight on the toes which leads to a fall. And no one wants that. Have her lift up, but relax her shoulders.

Stomach Lifted

Tighten that core! I cannot stress this one enough. The core muscles are the keys to successful cheerleading stunts, I’m convinced. Not only do they help her lift up and decrease a little of the weight on the bases, it controls those troublesome hips. If your flyer has hip trouble in her liberties, it could be that her core needs to be tighter which will help immensely. Tell her to lift up her stomach. It will feel like she’s sucking in almost, but that’s how those muscles get tightened.

Bottom Under

We’ve all heard the saying (and probably said it ourselves a few times), “Pinch a penny!” My coach actually used to say “Pinch a dime and give me nine cents change!” No matter what you say, the posterior area needs to be squeezed to keep the body in proper alignment in the air. Have her push her hips under (while tightening her core muscles, of course) and squeeze those bottom muscles. Having her hips in just the right spot can help her from moving forward or backward too much with her weight. As the core helps control the right to left movement, the bottom can aid in controlling the front to back movement in most cheerleading stunts.

Knees Pulled Up

Lock those legs! Your flyer, especially the beginners, will want to balance herself in every cheerleading stunt. It’s so important that she stands up fully and straightens her knees fully. If she doesn’t it adds more weight to the bases’ load and makes her more unpredictable for catching. Locking her knees makes her lighter and tighter–which is always a good combination.

With these 5 easy fixes, your flyer will be on her way to more solid cheerleading stunts.

What tips do you have for flyers?

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