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The new year is the perfect time for dreaming.

Dreaming about what life could be like in 2016. Dreaming about what life should be like in 2016.

I’ve done a lot of that, and in recent years, I’ve discovered a way to help my resolutions and decisions throughout the year fit within the dream.

I choose 3 words as a theme for the year.

Isn’t that 3 themes though, Kate? 

Sure. But I choose them for different parts of my life.

Because business is different than marriage and that’s different from social things and so on and so forth.

Last year they were:

  • Believe
  • Adventure
  • Multiply

They actually influenced me so much that I got a tattoo that represents them late in the year. I haven’t done that before, and probably won’t in the future. But I just loved how they so shaped my year.

I love having these themes because it can help me define and/or set goals. It can help me make decisions every day. And it can help me become the person I want to be and not just do the things I think I’m supposed to. 

So I wanted to share with you my three words for this year. And you can hold me accountable.


3 words


For Community and Calling: Invite and Abundant

I’m an introvert and a home body. It’s wonderful to sit at home, watch tv and be done with everything.

But what I’m learning about the way of life that I feel God has called his people to pursue, is that we are abundant life livers and people who invite others into community with them.

So that’s what I want to be this year … an inviter and a person who doesn’t waste moments that could be lived more fully with others. I want everything to come from a place of abundance and not scarcity. From generosity and not fear. Because that’s how the Lord dealt (and continues to deal) with me.


For Business: Breakthrough

You might or might not know this, but KBC is my business and not just my blog. I also have a full-time job that I love. And to be honest, I’ve coasted through them for most of the last year.

I feel like anything we’re called to do, we’re called to do with excellence. So this year, I want to put in more effort. To breakthrough. And to help you breakthrough too.

That’s why I started all of this in the beginning–to help coaches breakthrough the barriers they felt in front of them so they can lead their teams confidently.

I want to do that for myself this year as I help you do that for yourselves.

I want to breakthrough too.


For Life: Brave

I’m not a confident person. Maybe I come across that way. But I’m not.

I want to change that because what I’m realizing is that so many people don’t know things for sure but do them anyway. A lot of people feel like impostors but they do the work, they say what needs to be said, and they love without abandon.

I want to be that person.

So this year, I’m going to be brave.

I’m going to try new things, open myself up to new opportunities (and potential pain or failure), and step into that abundant life I talked about earlier.

Those are my three words for the year. I encourage you to think about what your three words might be so you can start maximizing your every day of 2016.


If you could choose 3 words that describe the person you want to be or the year you want to have in 2016, what would they be?




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