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Are you ready to go back to school? The full swing is coming soon, so I want you to be prepared by looking at what you might want to do your first week or even month of practice when you return to school.

If you get a chance, I encourage you to have a few practices the week before school starts to get a jump on everything before football season is in full force. However, sometimes you may not have that luxury. Whatever your schedule may be, here are a few main goals you should have for that first weeks back:

1. Assess and rebuild skills and/or groups
2. Learn football chants and prepare timeout chants with incorporations
3. Team build 

Your team may be a little out of shape, so it’s important to go back to basics and regain the strength and technique they may have lost over the summer. This may include rearranging stunt groups or formations.

Football games will come before you know it, so you want to make sure your squad is ready for their first game with all their chants. You’ll want to put stunts, jumps, or tumbling into a few chants for timeouts or quarter breaks for added crowd appeal.

Lastly, you want to start team building from the beginning. Maybe you can have a sleepover or fun party that week. Other activities could be implementing a big and little sister time or other activities that encourage your team to get to know one another more deeply.

You can prioritize those or your other pressing needs and schedule your practices accordingly … and don’t forget to leave room for fun!

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