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Stunt School is back open and better than ever!


I’ve been hard at work the last few months putting the finishing touches on Stunt School 3.0! And I am SO excited about it!


Stunt School is an online course about for coaches like you who want to gain confidence in the ability to coach stunts.


You’re probably wondering how I can promise such a thing. Well, it’s because it’s worked for over 200 coaches already. Here’s what one coach had to say about it …


My daughter has been cheering for 10 years, and I used to have to ask her how certain stunts worked and how to teach them. When I signed up for Stunt School, I was just hoping to learn more about stunts. I found myself looking forward to getting to use it each time I logged in. The visuals of the photos and videos were the best part, but the worksheets, checklists, and 8-counts sheets are super handy too. I don’t have to ask my daughter anymore. I would definitely recommend for other coaches like me. –Loretta G., Maine


And now Stunt School is even better than before. I’ve added …


  • 28 new stunts (to the 38 stunts and drill that were already there)
  • Included all my past webinars covering everything from rules to safety to sequences and more (including the recent webinar on 2016 stunt trends)
  • Opened up the bonus module on pyramids and using stunts in your cheers to be accessed from day 1
  • Made it even easier to navigate through the site to find your place and the resources you need
  • Created a payment plan for the transitions package to help you get the help you need sooner


And again, that’s all on top of what was already inside including …


  • Step-by-step stunt breakdowns so you know the ins-and-outs of how to teach each stunt inside
  • Handy checklists, cheat sheets, and other printables to help you learn timing, spot common mistakes, and never miss a step
  • Video lessons on teaching stunts and creating the right environment and culture around stunting to keep your team safe all year long
  • Deep dive master classes on preps, liberties, pyramids, and basket tosses to take your team to the top


It’s everything I wish I had learned about stunts when I first started coaching, and I’m so glad that I finally got to expand it this year to be the course that I really dreamed of creating when I first put it together 2 years ago.


If you’re ready to take your knowledge and confidence around teaching stunts to a new level, this is a great place to start.


Or if you are curious what’s inside, you can find more or sign up today with the link below!

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