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Your cheerleading competition routine is a big undertaking. You need to make sure that you leave no part out in order to have a comprehensive routine that shows off the best your team has to offer.


The first thing you need to do is consult your scoresheets and rules for your association or competition. Some will vary and you don’t to leave your team with a goose egg in a category.


Here are the main things you’ll need to have in your routine.




I like to have a small section of one or two 8-counts that focuses only on opening the routine in an interesting way. This can be some motions, some tumbling, some stunts, or a combination of these things.


Stunt sequences


You need a couple of stunt sequences where you combine transition stunts with progression stunts to create difficulty and show your skills. You’ll have at least one of these in your routine.




If you’re in a division with tumbling then you need to be sure you include it in your routine to show off your biggest skills and synchronization. You’ll want to make sure you have both running and standing tumbling portions of your routine.




Jumps are a classic move and they’re made more difficult in a sequence. So you need to put together 2-4 jumps that are connected to show your skills.




This is typically its own section on a scoresheet. So you may be incorporating tosses into your sequences, but if you’re not you need to make sure you include them elsewhere. These can be any kind of toss–basket, sponge, pencil, etc. In fact, I’d suggest trying a few different ones in your routine for effect.




The simplest definition of a pyramid is that you have some stunts that connect by hand or foot to form a pyramid. Usually though there are other stunts involved and often some releases and other connected moves that make it interesting. Even if you only have a few team members remember this gets it own place on the scoresheet and should be accounted for even if it’s a small one.




Every routine needs a show-stopping dance section. With that in mind, you’ll want to create a dance that is visually appealing and utilizes the style that best suits your team’s ability.




If you’re in a school division, you need to make sure you include a crowd involvement section with a cheer and a chant. You can add jumps, tumbling, and stunts here as well. But make sure your main focus is leading the crowd.


With those categories, you’ll have a full routine. So make sure you check your scoresheets to make sure you include everything that you need to to make it a stand out routine.

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