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Here’s the truth, I sat down to write about all of this and decided that others have already covered it in depth. But I wanted to be a resource for you so you knew where to look for answers. So below are a few links for you to check out about the changes to music rules and what you can use.


What the Rule Means


Cheer Music Sounds provided an in-depth look at the rule: why it was implemented, what it means for you, and how you’ll need to make sure your music has or doesn’t in order to be compliant. This was by far the most in-depth explanation I read, and I found it incredibly helpful.


FAQ from USA Cheer


Here are the FAQs that USA Cheer put together to address the many questions they received. It helps from multiple angles from coaches or from event producers so you get a full look at everything involved in the change and how it will even affect the events you attend this year.


Preferred Music Providers


USA Cheer knows that this means many people’s music plans will be messed up here. So they provided some links to preferred music providers who will have compliant music.


Final Thoughts


My last thought to add is that you want to make sure that whatever music you put together (and technically this applies for your usage on your campus or events because it is copyright law) that your music provider/mixer is aware of the law and rules and is going to comply so you don’t find yourself in trouble at the last second.

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