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When it comes to two-legged cheerleading stunts, such as an elevator prep or an extension, there are two schools of thought for the load-in. The jump-in style requires that the flyer jump up and place both feet in the hands of her bases at the same time, while the step-in means she starts with her right foot in her base’s hands then steps her left foot in for the load.

Here are the pros and cons of the two styles.

Jump-in style

I am personally a fan of the jump-in. And here’s why.

  • It’s cleaner. When done correctly it’s got a smoother look than the step-in.
  • It’s better for timing. The bases receive the feet at the same time making it a little simpler for proper timing.
  • The back spot can help sooner. They can grab the ankles right after the jump rather than waiting on a second leg.
  • Creates better flyers. This is because they have to have great load-in technique because they don’t have the extra time or help to lean on.
  • Prepares the whole group better for the timing of one-legged stunts like liberties.

But there are a few cons to this style:

  • Requires a lot of your flyer. She has to have great load-in technique and be able to hold herself up.
  • Requires consistency of style between all members of the stunt group.
  • Leaves little room for errors of body position or timing.

Step-in style

While I prefer the look of the jump-in, we typically use a step-in with my squad because of some of its pros, such as:

  • Better for beginner flyers. It gives them the chance to ease in and requires less of them for the load in position.
  • Gives more time for adjustment in the load-in time.
  • Give more hands-on attention for the flyer from the back spot, which provides a feeling of more security.

There are also some cons to the step-in style:

  • It’s slower and often looks less clean.
  • While it provides more time to fix mistakes, it leaves more time to make mistakes as well.
  • Gives the bases less help from the back spot since more attention will need to be on the flyer in this style.

Here’s the bottom line: both styles are equally useful and acceptable. The jump in is better if you have more experienced flyers and less experienced or less strong bases, but the step-in cheerleading stunt style is better if you have more experienced bases and newer flyers. But both get the job done!

How did you choose which cheerleading stunt style your squad would use?

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