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icebreakerWith the start of every new season, we get a new team. Sure, you may have had some of them the last year, but the new cheerleaders bring a whole new dynamic to the season. That’s why it’s important to start off the year with some ways for your team to get to know each other and learn to work together.

Here are 4 great icebreakers to get the ball rolling on friendship and team building for your squad.

Icebreaker #1: Common Ground

This is one of my favorite icebreakers. Not only does it give your cheerleaders a reason to talk to one another, it also helps them see that they have something in common besides cheerleading. It’s basically a springboard into friendships, I think.

It’s really simple. Each girl must talk to each other girl on the team to find something that they have in common. Be sure to put parameters on it. It can’t be that they’re in the same grade, have blue eyes, or like to cheer. Make them come up with something a little deeper.

Icebreaker #2: Would you rather?

This is another fun one that shows some common ground. All you need to do is ask a simple question that offers the cheerleaders a choice between two things. Here are a few quick examples:

  • Would you rather never watch tv again or never listen to music again?
  • Would you rather have only dogs or only cats?
  • Would you rather change the past or change the future?

A quick Google search of “would you rather questions” will yield plenty of results for you to choose from. Then the girls must choose a side. Designate one side of the room for answer 1 and the other for answer 2. It’s active and gives an opportunity for them to explain why they chose what they did and find common beliefs, assumptions, and ideas that help build a team.

Icebreaker #3: All tied up

This icebreaker is great for seeing communication styles and to have the team work together. The girls stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. You tell them to put one hand in and grab a random hand across the circle. Then they reach their other hand in and grab another random hand across the circle. Once they’re all tied up, they will have to work together to untangle the knot. If you have a large team, then split them up into two circles and make it a fun competition.

Icebreaker #4: Name Game

This one is fun and a little silly. Sit in a circle and pick a starting point. The first person in the circle has to introduce themselves by using an adjective that describes them but also starts with the same sound as their first name. For example:

  • Crazy Katie
  • Serious Samantha
  • Friendly Faith
  • Goofy Grace

As they say their adjective, they then add their name. If you’d like, make them create a hand signal as well. The first person will say theirs, and the second person has to say the first person’s and add theirs. The third person will start from the beginning, so say #1’s, #2’s and their own. You’ll go all the way around the circle this way.

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