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College football season just started and I am deeply enthused about it. I “Woo Pig Sooie” my heart out at every game I can. I just love it.


And I also know that it means it’s time for you to be in full swing of football season. So I wanted to help you put your best foot forward on the sideline using stunts that lead the crowd instead of distract.


Show ‘n’ Go


This is a great stunt because it adds movement while also not being so challenging that your cheerleaders can’t yell to lead the crowd. It adds some visual appeal and can be used in good timing to lead a cheer or chant as well.


Preps and Extensions


It’s hard to go wrong with these classics. They keep your cheerleaders pretty stationary so they lead well. It also gives them height so the crowd can see them more easily. You can mix up the levels or adjust levels to go with phases of a cheer or chant as well to lead.


Basket Tosses


Basket tosses are a real crowd pleaser. They are all visual so they create excitement and get the crowd’s attention like few other things do. You can use them easily when the band is playing or to lead some simple chants to pump up the excitement.


Simple Release Pyramids


Like basket tosses, these create excitement from the crowd especially because they often look more difficult than they are and create a lot of great movement to watch. You can use chants to build them and release them as well or do them with the band. They are versatile and fun to watch.


Are you wanting to take your team’s stunts to the next level but not feeling equipped for the job? That’s what Stunt School is all about, and now it’s got even more great stunts for you to learn and teach your team.


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