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By Kimberly Hendrick

Remember back to the first day of practice this season. It was so hopeful, right?

We all have at least one Facebook status proclaiming “First day of cheer practice!” or “First game!”  But by mid-season that eagerness has faded and the statuses have not only died but you wonder if a little of your soul has died too. (Okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but you know what I mean!)

It is around the same time every year that you’re dragging into practice, maybe hoping for a major weather event just to have a day away. And your team is feeling the same with the pressure of being over-scheduled and burdened by homework (sometimes with tempers to match).

Focus is lost, energy is low and your patience is limited. This is the perfect time for a refresh, and breaking out of the norm might just be the ticket to revitalizing your team.

Have a photo shoot day

Recruit photography students to try their skills at action photography and get some great stunt shots and team photos. Let the girls have fun and show off for their peers.

Create a vision board

Help breakout of the mid-year funk by focusing on what their vision is for the rest of the season (or the next one).  Cut images and words out of magazines and place them on a poster board. You can use cheer and fitness magazines, images printed from the internet, craft supplies, and such to make the day fun.

Have your team complete a personality quiz

Find a personality assessment to that you love (some can include: love languages, Meyers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and more) and have the whole team take it. This creates self-awareness and makes for a really interesting discussion for you, your team, and their leaders.

Challenge yourself to let go of preconceived ideas of what a perfect practice looks like for one day and have some fun to fight burnout this season.

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