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When it comes to fitness, I’m definitely a broken record. It’s important all year long.


Often we get so caught up in our busy schedules that we forget to keep it our practices even when the season really picks up … but that’s when it’s most crucial you do!


Focusing on fitness helps you …


  • Create strong, flexible athletes
  • Emphasize body control and awareness
  • Prevent injury


So today, I’m giving some tips my friend Danielle from cheerFIT gave me recently to help you create a fitness plan for your team.


Define a Goal


You can’t get where you want if you don’t know where that is. So you need to clearly define a fitness goal.


Are there specific skills you want them to have? Certain amount of energy or endurance for an event? Number of reps for specific exercises? When you figure out the goal, you can create a plan easily.


Commit + Schedule It


Here’s the deal, unless you fully commit, nothing will get done. You have to believe in your plan and be willing to work it into action.


My best tip for this is to schedule conditioning into your practice each week and make it non-negotiable. By putting it on the schedule, you’re really saying you’ll make time to make your team fit and ready to succeed.


Switch It Up


Have you ever done the same thing over and over and over and over again? Did you like it?


The answer is probably no. The same goes with fitness. Doing the exact same thing over and over again is boring for their minds and for their bodies. You want to switch it up and use a variety of exercises so they stay interested and enjoy it.


Track (and Celebrate) Progress


In order to know if you’ve met your goal, you’ve gotta track the progress. So again, take time to schedule out when you’ll do regular check-ins. Is it monthly? Quarterly? Whatever it is, put it on the calendar and don’t budge.


But don’t forget to celebrate! Celebrate on tracking day or anytime you see progress. If it doesn’t feel like you’re making progress, then it doesn’t feel like it’s worth doing. Reinforce that it’s important with regular encouragement.


A few bonus tips


Here are a few additional things to keep in mind with fitness for cheerleaders:


  1. Cheerleading is unique. Make sure you do cheerleading specific exercises.
  2. Focus on flexibility and not just strength.
  3. Create systems or find places to pull exercises from so you don’t feel overwhelmed.


One of my favorite ways to create a fitness plan is actually by outsourcing it. If you don’t have the time or energy to create exercises and figure out ways to motivate your team, you are not alone.


CheerFIT is actually an amazing resource for you. I could sing it’s praises constantly, but I want you to see for yourself (and get a special discount if you’re interested). So head on over here to learn more.

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