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This is a guest post from Danielle over at cheerFIT. She’s all about helping and coaches get their sweat on to build their strength, stay motivated, and keep injuries away. Learn more at (and if you decide to sign up use the promo code STUNTSCHOOL50 for a special discount!)

Hi Coaches!


So it’s the middle of February and you are thinking about tryouts. I know you want to grow from last year and have a super successful team – drama and injury free!


And it all starts with tryouts. Tryouts are kind of like a January 1st – a time to set new goals and new visions for the year to come.


Remember, the athletes that you choose for your team set the entire tone of the season ahead. You want to set the standard and have a team that is strong – both mentally and physically.


If you want those top-notch athletes to want be on your team, you have to show them that you are a confident coach and you have the answers to all of their questions.


So, to help you confidently answer any question that comes your way, I put together some of my favorite fitness tips and free ebook to share with your team.


Question #1: How should I prepare for tryouts?


Tell your team that the time to start preparing for tryouts is NOW. You want to share what the criteria is for tryouts and have each athlete set a goal for that skill they want to have by tryouts.


You want to make sure both your criteria for tryouts and the goals each athlete sets are SMART.


S– Specific

M– Measurable

A– Accountable

R– Relevant

T– Timely


Question #2: What should I focus on?


When you get this question, you can now tell them that the 4 most important things to focus on are:


  • Increasing Flexibility- this will help increase range of motion and decrease injuries
  • Building Endurance– you need to focus on plyometric exercises (aka jumping exercises) to build the endurance you need to make it through any routine or tumbling pass
  • Improving Strength- strength is essential for every flyer, base and back spot. My number one tip is to focus on building core strength.
  • Building Confidence- confidence is key! The trick to finding that confidence is through fitness! Fitness builds strength, strength builds confidence and confidence is what you need to stand out and shine!


To help you be a super star coach, I have prepared a free tryout ebook that you can tell your athletes to download. Check it out here:


This free ebook is complete with all the fit tips, exercise videos, motivation and advice that any athlete needs to be 100% ready for tryouts.


As a coach, you are a leader and you are the person your team looks up to. If you want a top-notch team, get them fit and ready to go for tryouts.


Remember, I’m here to help answer your fitness questions. If you have any other you would like for me to tackle, I’m happy to help!


Simply leave a comment and I’d be happy to help!


Your fitness coach,




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