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There’s nothing more intimidating than walking into cheer camp the first time. When you don’t know what to expect, it can be totally overwhelming. And you’re probably having to make decisions before you even get there about where your team will fit that week.


One of those decisions is to determine which stunt level you want your team in that week. Here are some tips for figuring that out.


Practice your progressions


I’m a broken record about this, but practice your progressions. These are how the camp staff determine your team’s stunt level so having these skills prepared will help you to have a smooth start at camp.


Listen carefully to the cut off


Typically levels are divided by specific skills. The prep separates level one from level two and a straight up extension or liberty typically separates level two from level three. Be aware of the cut off so you don’t bite off more than you can chew at a level.


Know your team


At camp they’ll learn transition stunts in addition to progression stunts. So you want to make sure you know what they need. Do they need to be pushed or comforted? This helps you determine if going up to your highest progression proficiency is the best choice or if you should stick a little lower to find transitional skills that build upon the ones you already have down solid.


With these points of knowledge, you can easily (and confidently) step into the right category at camp and not worry about overwhelming yourself or your team. And don’t be afraid to ask questions around these topics to the staff before camp to help you determine where you should fall. They should know the guidelines and be able to direct you appropriately.

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