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Cheerleading Team Fitness

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When I watch competitions, I find it easy to see which ones worked the hardest (or which ones had the fewest last minute obstacles).

They’re the ones that make it look easy.

It’s that simple.

Everything is smooth. They’re not huffing and puffing. They’re easily accomplishing their stunts and looking confident.

There are usually a couple of reasons that teams don’t make it look easy:

  1. They didn’t practice enough to know their routine.
  2. There were a lot of injuries or sickness and they had to change a lot last minute. They didn’t get in the right shape beforehand.

The first one is an easy fix. Practice early and practice often. Every coach can fix that one.

It’s the last two that I know I struggled with.

It is so easy to get into practice time and just push fitness to the side. That can lead to bad technique (the killer of good stunts and your competition score) and it can also lead to more injuries (bad technique = injured bodies).

I’m introducing you to something special including a special coupon code (STUNTSCHOOL50) for a $50 first month discount!

CheerFIT is designed to help you and your team combat those issues head on and help your team be the best they can be when they step onto the competition mat (or the sideline).


That’s why I’m SO excited about this partnership with Danielle and CheerFIT. It’s the natural complement to Stunt School and all that you are working toward with your team.

I had honestly considered creating a fitness product for you myself, but I seriously lack expertise and didn’t want to do you more harm than good.

Then I connected with Danielle. When I saw her suite of products, I was impressed and excited because she LOVES cheerleading and fitness and wants to see coaches and cheerleaders succeed. (I even considered signing up for some individual training because she makes it look so fun!)

Here’s what a couple of coaches are saying about her products:

“Danielle motivates my girls to push themselves!  After a month or so of working with cheerFIT, I have noticed a positive change in my girls.  They are pushing themselves further, they are motivating each other, and best of all; they’re getting new skills!  Thanks Danielle and the cheerFIT team for all your help!”
–Brittany Kerwin, Varsity Head Coach, Bishop Ahr Highschool Cheerleading

“cheerFIT has the full package when it comes to getting fit, staying fit and feeling healthy. As a coach, keeping the team motivated and always pushing their limits can become challenging throughout the season. cheerFIT always brings a new routine and the great energy I expect for my team to continue to perform at the professional level. In addition, her follow-up and online sessions help to keep us engaged even outside the dance studio. I highly recommend cheerFIT for both group fitness and individual training. She loves what she does and is easily passed on to her clients.”
–Ana, Head Coach & Former NFL Cheerleader, Gotham City Cheerleaders

If you want your team to go to the next level this year. You should check out CheerFIT. And don’t forget to use the coupon code STUNTSCHOOL50 to get your $50 discount!

The best cheerleaders in the world are strong and confident. You can help your team get there this year with CheerFIT.

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