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Sometimes there’s nothing more fun than taking a stroll down memory lane, don’t you think?

I love those nights when I sit with my friends, and we reminisce about our younger years (you know, the ones that keep moving further and further away from us).

So that’s what we’re going to do here today. We’re going to look at years gone by and just how far we’ve come–both in skills and in safety.

Recently, a friend of mine posted this video to their Facebook timeline. It takes us back to the 80’s, when college cheerleading was a little unregulated and a whole lot of crazy.

And for good measure, I thought I’d throw in another one for you. This is the now 20 time national champion University of Kentucky back in the day.

So you can see that cheerleading, especially on a competitive level was a little different. Just to compare, here are a couple of videos from more recent national championships.

You can see there’s a big difference. Routines are more streamlined. Still difficult for sure, but with more regulation–none of that 3 and 4-high stunting and dismounting to roll on the ground stuff.

I wanted you to see this so you would be encouraged.

Safety regulations and the desire to keep up with what’s current can be overwhelming, and it can leave you feeling a little lost. You might wonder why there are certain rules or what can possibly happen next.

Well, let your mind rest easy for just a little while.

Cheerleading has been moving in a positive direction. It’s gotten safer even as difficulty continues to increase each year. It’s gotten more creative and action-packed, especially on the competitive side.

My hope is that we continue to move that direction despite the potential increase in regulation that may come with being declared a “sport.”

It’s full of possibilities. I can just feel it like a tingle in my brain, and I hope you feel it too.

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