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I’ve done a lot of research the last few years about what makes a good leader.

Some of that has been hands on as I’ve managed kids (and now adults in my other life).┬áSome of that has been podcasts, videos, articles, and books.

Sometimes they have slightly different views, but one thing almost everyone said was this, “Leaders are readers.”

And I’ll be honest. I’ve seriously slacked on my reading habit these last few years, which is terrible because it’s where I’ve been most challenged from a leadership perspective.

So I thought I would encourage you with a few ways you can continue to build up your leadership skills through reading. Because you’re a leader, so you should be a reader. :)

Leadership Books

This is going to sound super obvious, but leadership books are a great place to start. I love these because they remind me to focus on the big picture in the midst of the craziness when all I want to do is fix routines and help them perfect their time-out performances for basketball season.

You are more than a coach. You are a leader. And you’re leading other leaders. So you’ll want to set a good example. Leadership books are great for that.

Cheerleading Information

Again, you’re probably saying, “Duh, Kate.” But sometimes my job is to point out the glaringly obvious.

You need to be staying on top of your game in cheerleading as well as leadership. You are a “cheer” and “leading” coach, after all. So don’t slack on this end. I’m sure you’re not because you’re here. So keep up the good work!


Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. I’m sure each of us can point to the people in our lives that we’ve shaped ourselves after.

The great thing about biographies is that you have the benefit of learning from some of the best in the world … or the best in HISTORY … by just cracking open a book. So pick someone you look up to as a leader and start there.

Creativity Books

We all can attest to the fact that coaching is one of the most demanding when it comes to creativity. You’ve got to figure out a way to bond a whole team of girls together while also helping each one reaching their full potential.

With that in mind, reading books about creativity, the mind, and all-around creative thinking can be great for sparking new ways to motivate and inspire your team.


Okay, now you think I’m crazy. But I’m not. Hear me out. :)

Sometimes your brain needs a break, a release. Sometimes you need a good story and some margin in your life to let good ideas and big breakthroughs happen.

Fiction is perfect for that. When I’m not thinking about my issues or trying to learn to improve, sometimes the ideas wash over me like a wave. Fiction allows your brain to work differently and churn ideas in the background so that something amazing occurs to you. And that’s one of the BEST feelings in the world.

Cheer leaders are readers. So I think it would be great to get a jump start on some of your planning and prepping for next season by starting now. When you read you can get lots of ideas to help you build out a new cheer year.

And I’m going to help you.

If you decide to buy Stunt School in the month of December, I’m going to give you a special bonus–a leadership book that I’m dying to dig in to in 2016. So you get the confidence and competence in stunting from Stunt School, and you also get a book to help you start the new season right when the time comes.

So register for Stunt School from December 1 to December 31, and you’ll get the book early in the new year.

Your Turn

What have you read recently that you loved or what are you looking forward to reading soon? Share below in the comments!

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