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There was only one 6-month period in my cheer career that I was “just” a cheerleading coach. And it hasn’t happened before or since.

That means there is always a lot on my plate, but I’ve learned a few tricks to balance some of the craziness that I think you as a cheer coach plus (FILL IN THE BLANK).

1. Time management is everything

Seriously, learning to take advantage of your “free” time and managing your time well is the most important thing to do.

Find ways that work for you to get things done when you’ve got those little pockets of time.

2. Organization is key

Having a good calendar or keeping a running list of things to do both made a huge difference for me.

It also helps to have everything in one place so when you have those pockets of time, you know how to use them to be most productive.

3. Keep notes and recycle

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel constantly. If you have systems that work, keep doing those.

Take note of what’s working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly. After some time, you’ll have a good template for just about everything, even your whole year to more easily manage.

4. Give clear expectations for your time

If you’re not careful, cheerleaders and parents can eat up your time. They mean well, but it’s not most effective for you or even for them.

So make sure you set boundaries and keep them. Give them clear expectations and stick to them so you create that kind of culture within your team.

Obviously, there are exceptions like emergencies, but be sure to let them know that you can’t be available 24-7 for anything except emergencies.


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