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If you’re here, you’ve got the heart.


You’re a go-getter and be-better. The kind of coach that wants to make an impact … but you might need a little help with getting the right knowledge to lead your team in this ever-changing sport of cheerleading.


That’s where I come in.


I give cheerleading coaches the clarity and expertise to confidently and competently build their teams. And I do it with practical, online resources so it’s not over-complicated and super efficient for your busy lifestyle.


My Coaching Story



I spent 15 years coaching every kind of squad and working on pretty much every side of the cheerleading industry.



I learned how to run a practice, teach stunts safely (and effectively), communicate with parents (even angry ones), create killer routines, and keep everything organized and on track.



And I learned how to do it all efficiently so I could balance my full-time job or student status at the same time without completely losing it.



But after a while, I noticed a new need … not for the cheerleaders, but for the coaches.



Every year, I’d meet new and inexperienced coaches who inherited a cheerleading program and who felt a little lost. There was no place to turn that had simple, practical resources to help them.



So I decided to make one.

 That’s when I switched from being a cheerleading coach to a Cheer Leadership Coach … a coach for the coaches.



And it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done because of people like Y-O-U.



I want to equip and empower you to be the hero you want to be. So I’ve created some products to help you step up your cheer cred and face your most difficult challenges.




The Rest of the Story


I’m a native Texan (and oh so proud of it).


I’m a wife to Daniel and mom to Sergeant Doom, the (less scary than his name suggests) pug.

By day, I work as a marketing director for a Christian non-profit organization … and this cheer business is my passion project.


My #1 hobby is travel. I want to go anywhere and everywhere, and have managed to land on 5 continents so far.


I watch way too much Netflix and fancy myself a TV and movie critic … but I’m really just jealous of all the talented writers who tell those stories.


I’m an unrepentant introvert who carries her Kindle in her purse in case she’s alone or overwhelmed at a party … but who also loves to share a good meal and some belly laughs at her dining room table.


And I absolutely love serving others—especially you. Thanks for giving me the honor!

The Official Story


Kate Boyd is a cheer leadership coach—giving cheerleading coaches the expertise and know-how they need to competently and confidently build their teams. She cheered from junior high to college and has coached on nearly every side of the industry—all-star, recreation league, high school, and camp instruction. Through Kate Boyd Cheerleading, she provides practical, online resources that fit into coaches’ busy lifestyles so they can build the program they want and give their teams the season they deserve. In 2015, she was named one of the 50 most influential coaches by CoachSeek.


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