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coaching stylesI love systems. Systems, systems, systems.

Seriously. I have a deep love for creating plans and implementing systems that can remain in tact for many months (if not years).

You’ve even benefited from many of the systems I have–creating game plans and calendars and all that wonderful organization. It makes my heart very happy.

But–you knew there was a catch, right?–there will come a time when your system is out of date or stifles creativity or growth for the future. And that’s not good at all.

So the time will come when you have to break out of some of your systems, especially when it comes to schedules and teaching technique, as cheerleading progresses. Today, I’m helping you find a way to change it up (when it’s time, of course).

Search online

You might ask, what is my number one favorite tool for learning? I have just one word for you … Google.

I love learning, and the easiest place to start to look for new drills, games, or ideas is the almighty Internet. If things are starting to get a little stale, just type a few words (or even a whole question) into the search bar to be introduced to a world of new ideas.

Rearrange your schedule

Sometimes it’s not what you do that becomes mundane, it’s how you structure it.

There are time-tested drills that I did when I was learning stunting and tumbling in my youth that still yield fantastic results today. So there’s no need to revamp everything just for the sake of it.

What you can do is change up the structure. Take practice for example. It’s not that you can stop working on stunts and jumps each day, but maybe you should rearrange a typical day’s practice outline to have the order be different or add in some fun and music one day. Keep it fresh.

Get new blood

I’ve been coaching for 14 years now, which means I’m pretty set in my ways. I’ve got my systems and schedules down. I use the same drills and skills that I’ve always loved … and sometimes I need help to break out of that.

That’s why new and younger coaches or helpers can be so great. They’ve seen newer ideas. They are eager to stay on top of the latest creative skills and drills. And they’re teachable. So you can get some help being new and original while helping them find their way in a stable, time-tested environment.

Can you say “win-win”?

Ask your cheerleaders

Just like fresh, young coaches can bring a new spark, so can your current cheerleaders. And I bet they would LOVE being asked about what they would like to do to change it up, add pizazz, or add difficulty or new drills to your repertoire.

So ask them. You don’t have to take in every suggestion, but create a safe place for them to share their ideas, listen, and implement what you like. Simple as that!

When it’s time to change it up, don’t fear it. Embrace it and make something new that works as well or better than the old.

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