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This is an overwhelming time of year. You’re already dealing with the craziness of football season and now it’s time to gear up for competition season too. (Not to mention that those and playoffs often come at the same time … and we’re not even gonna talk about basketball season, am I right?)


But you don’t have to get bogged down in every single thing. There are a couple of key elements that if you focus on them at the right time then you’ll be set for competition. And I’m gonna break them down for you a little more here.


Routine Mastery


This just means that you need to have an impeccably executed routine. You need to be able to nail every single bit of it without struggle and make it look effortless (even though we know that’s not how it really is). You’ve gotta have a team that feels confident and hits everything.


Physical Fitness


Cheerleading is hard, and if your team isn’t up to snuff it’ll show in that short 2:30 you have to shine. You need to start prepping them physically all year to pass that test so they’re not huffing and puffing and are able to execute without error.


Mental Toughness


This should not be ignored. Your team’s mental game is just as important as their strength and skill. Without it everything could fall apart. They need to have the mental toughness to know their routine, focus on the right things, and feel great while they do it.


Want to go deeper into these 3 things so your team can crush it at competition this season?


Then grab the free video series that my friend Danielle Donovan of cheerFIT put together for you. We’ll tell you what judges are looking for in execution, how to work fitness into your practices, and how to build your team’s mental toughness so they’re strong in every way when they take the mat. We’ll start rolling out the videos on October 24!

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